Chinese Flashcard Dictionary

iPhone / iPod User Guide

Enabling Audio Pronunciations, Tone Colours or Printing/PDF


1. Ensure you are connected to the internet.


2. In the More tab, once the add-on list has been downloaded, tap on the “Chinese Audio Pack” or

    “Tone Colours” add-on.


3. Enter your iTunes password to when the password input box comes up and tap "OK".


4. When the confirmation alert comes up. Confirm that you want to purchase the add-on by tapping the

    “Buy” button.


5. The Thank You alert confirms that the functionality has been enabled. Depending on your internet

    connection speed, it may take some time to come up. If you selected the Chinese Audio Pack, You

    can now listen to the word pronunciations in the word detail view by clicking on the speaker icon in

    the pinyin section. The word pronunciation will also play when viewing the back side of the



    If you selected the Tone Colours add-on, all Chinese characters will now be coloured according to

    their tone.

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