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iPhone / iPod User Guide

Importing, exporting and backing up flashcards


Exporting and backing up flashcards


1. In the flashcards tab, navigate into the folder you want to export (all flashcards and folders in this

    folder will be exported).


2. Tap on the ‘actions’ button (the middle button) in the bottom toolbar and the tap ‘Send to Email”.

    You can backup you flashcards by tapping on "Backup to Email" instead. When backing up

    the exported flashcards will also include your study progress and whether each card is turned on or



3. After a short delay, the method selection screen will be shown. Tap on the method you'd like to use to

    send the flashcards (Mail, Airdrop etc.).


4. The compose email screen with then be shown with the exported flashcards file

    attached. Enter the email address of the person you want to share your flashcards with and tap on



5. Your flashcards will be sent via to the email address you specified.

Importing Flashcards


This requires that an exported set of Flashonary flashcards have been sent to your email address and

you have received them via email on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.


1. Navigate to your inbox on your iPhone/iPad/iPod in the email app, locate the flashonary flashcard

    email that was sent to you by yourself or the person sharing flashcards with you.


2. Tap on the file attachment (the .fwl file) and select ‘Open in Flashonary’. Flashonary will open and

    the Import screen will appear.


3. Select the folder you want to import into, whether you want the flashcards imported to a new

    sub-folder or straight into the selected folder. You can also specify whether you want to keep your

    existing study progress or overwrite it with the progress in the flashcards to be imported.


4. The flashcards will be verified, and if there are any flashcards that already exist, the ‘Import

    Conflicts’ screen will appear. Select whether you want to use the existing flashcard, the new imported

    flashcard or merge the flashcards. You can also edit the imported flashcard by tapping on the "i"

    accessory button next to the merged word.


5. Tap Save to save your selections and import the flashcards. The flashcards will be imported and you

    can view them in the Flashcards tab.

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