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iPhone / iPod User Guide

Printing, Creating handouts and physical flashcards


* Note: this functionality requires the Print and PDF Pack.


Flashonary can generate documents from your flashcards in a variety of formats, which can then be emailed saved or printed to any printer supported by your device. The following types of documents can be created:


- Word lists

- Detailed word lists

- Small flashcards (8 per page - business card size)

- Large Flashcards (1 per page - A4/US Letter size)


Generating, printing and saving documents


1. In the flashcards tab, navigate to the folder you want to print or PDF.


2. Tap on the ‘actions’ button (the middle button) in the bottom toolbar and the tap "Send to Print/PDF”.

    The Print/PDF screen will be shown.


3. Select the type of document you'd like to create (Word list, detailed word list, flashcard etc.).

    Flashonary will generate the document in PDF format and display it.


4. If you want to print, email, save or send the document to another application, tap on the action button

    on the top right hand corner of the window. The standard iPhone action dialog will appear where you

    can select to print, email or save the file to an application of your choice.


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